Mars Attacks

Director Tim Burton
©1995 Tim Burton/Warner Brothers

As part of the design team we worked alongside director Tim Burton to bring to life the Martian characters that had originally been created by illustrator Norman Saunders for Topps trading cards in the 1960's.

My job was to develop the naked Martian body. You can see the maquette of the naked martian I sculpted that Tim Burton approved before the final sculpt was done in the gallery. Colin Batty would go on to sculpt the master Martian head and Noel Baker would sculpt the master Martian spacesuit.

The first finished prototype stop motion puppets of the naked and space-suited martians can also be seen in the gallery and it was my job to design and apply both master paint jobs.

Originally planned as a stop motion homage to the old Ray Harryhausen films it was eventually decided to create the Martians with CGI and the Stop Motion puppets were scanned to assist the computer generated animation featured in the live action Feature Film.

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